For Safety and comfort!

Always wear something on your feet while walking around on the grounds, really. There are punture vines aka goathead seeds that really hurt when you step on them!

This year looks to be the opposite of last years cold, rainy weekend. Expect hot, bring sunblock, and clothes that won't roast you. On the other hand, weather changes fast here. Bring a couple of items just in case it does cool off!

Watch where you are walking, this is a ranch, and there is divots, holes and ditches that can trip you up. Please be careful. Also, do not walk in any un-cut grass or weeds. there is a reason it isn't cut, don't go there.

FIRE! My house was almost  caught in a wildfire in 2014, it got within 50 feet of my house before a superheavy with a deluge gun put it out. So, we are pretty paranoid about fire.

No individual campfires, sorry, we will have 3 firepits and a pickup dedicated to hauling water just for fire control. We would appreciate everyone helping with keeping an eye out for sparks. Thank you! With that being said, if there is no wind. and we have people willing to spot for us, there may be a limited amount of fireplay  in a designated, controlled area.

Don't forget your allergy meds! If you are an Herbalist you will love this place! All kinds of herbs that the Native peoples used for meds, food, even weapons.  I would love to visit with you about them!

As already posted on the Camping Info page on this website, if you want to cook and you don't have an RV, you are very welcome to come up to the cooking area  that is listed in your handbook. You will receive your handbook and a Gift bag! when you register at the Registration table :)  Go here for more info -