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Leather Azimuth


Please feel free to visit our website and we'd love to have folks come to a Leather Azimuth event. Please contact a member or drop us a line for more information or details about our events and activities. One of our standard events is our Leather Azimuth Social at the Out & About nightclub in Pasco, starting at 7 pm on the first Saturday of each moth. We welcome all interested people from near and far to join in any of our activities and invite you to feel the warmth and camaraderie of our leather community.

Mission Statement To build pride, unity, and respect for a healthy community that conducts itself to the highest standards by providing educational opportunities, mentorship, service, and demonstrating tolerance and acceptance. 

Our Core Values are Loyalty:  Bearing allegiance and faith in someone or something, and devoting yourself to that end. Duty:  Fulfilling the obligations you make, or those that are placed upon you. Accomplishing tasks both individually and as part of a team. Respect: Treating others as they should be treated. Affording others the station in life that they have earned by seniority, diligence, and acquisition of life skills. Service: To be helpful and useful to the group, the community, and others. Honor:  Acting, carrying out, and living the values of respect, duty, loyalty, service, integrity and courage in all that you do. Integrity:  Doing what is right, both legally and morally.  Courage:  Facing fear, adversity, and dangers with steadfast resolve. To stand up for people, acting in accordance with one’s beliefs, especially in spite of criticism. Honesty:  Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, adherence to facts, sincerity.  Perseverance:  Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition: Steadfastness



 The House of Townsend, H.O.T., is located near Helena, Montana.  Those who attend H.O.T. events are part of a tribe of people who mostly think alike and are accepting of all inclinations. H.O.T. is not run by a board or council. It is run by Domina Salacious and aidenDS. EVERY 4th weekend of the month we host a get together (munch-like experience) AND and play party. We are also apt to have impromptu parties like cigar lounges.  Once a quarter we host an Educational Friday night accompanied by an open dungeon afterwards.  We host a weekly coffee gathering were we basically eat, drink, and be merry!  We value respect, integrity, loyalty, and tribe.
If you're passing through Montana, drop me (Domina Salacious) a note and see what we've got going on.  We love visitors and welcome everyone to join us and enjoy the experience, old or young, new to the lifestyle or well-seasoned, male or female or anyone in between!  Contact me at 

Andrea Faye Photography


 Hi my name is Faye. As you can see I am a photographer among other labels. I have experience doing personal and group portraits, weddings, athletic events, boudoir, and promotional photography. I am currently a photographer for an event and wedding planning company based in Boise Idaho.

I will be offering the following packages during the 2019 Flog 'em All:

6 poses delivered digitally $40 (cash only)
6 poses delivered on CD by mail $50 (cash only)

Any fure bookings done at the FeA will also be the same prices for a one hour session and six poses. I will travel to the location of your choosing within the Ada, Canyon, and Gem counties.

Feel free to contact me with any questions on Fet under -Faye or by e-mail at

BLACKTSHIRT.COM is a locally owned and operated company, in Boise Idaho, that creates. We specialize in custom design, screenprinting, embroidery and vinyl decals. We'll create everything from a custom t-shirt or a thousand, to hats, polos, stickers, business cards, menus, etched glass and more.

ICSPC - Idaho Center for Sex Positive Culture

The Idaho Center for Sex Positive Culture encourages the exploration and expression of the many facets of human sexuality that go beyond procreation. We promote equality for the many voices and values of our diverse community. In a sexually positive environment, everyone has the opportunity to safely pursue a fulfilling and enriched life.



Welcome to Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS, more commonly and fondly referred to as “a.l.p.h.a.”

Your status is welcome here!

Regardless of your HIV status, socioeconomic status, housing status, sexual orientation, gender identity; whether you’re single or part of a poly-amorous arrangement; whether you use drugs or not, or even in recovery, you are welcome here.

Find out how we can help you!