From out of the North comes...


Polar and nephesh!

it is with great regret...


 Polar and nephesh 

have sadly had to step down from presenting at the Flog'em All this year due to a medical necessity. 

They said they would be back in 2020!   The Flog'em All Team wishes them all the best and good health and we will see them again next year.



And up from the Great South West...



 Ninjet Kitty has been an enthusiastic member of the Leather community for many years. In that time she has volunteered at various events and used her skills as a pole dancer to raise money for countless fundraisers. Early in 2016 she started Twizted Wax Works and began producing wax play candles in a variety of intensities, she applies her familiarity with wax play to teach popular hands on as well as purely informational classes. She can also be seen presenting an energetic lap dance class that focuses on bolstering the confidence of attendees and encouraging sexuality through dance and motion. as well as a class on saying No with confidence. In 2016\17 Ninjet Kitty served as Ms. Corazon Leather, during her title year she traveled the country promoting New Mexico events and the Corazon title while learning all she could to further benefit her home community. She continues her work in the Leather community having served as the Secretary for the New Mexico Leather League. Most recently Ninjet has relocated to northern Idaho where she is looking forward to continuing her Leather journey.  When she is not attending and organizing community events you can find Ninjet training on her pole and working in the garage on one of her many projects. 

and more, knowledgeable Presenters!



Travis aka Kilawama, has been an active member in the lifestyle for over decade, finding Leather as a natural fit after the military. He was Washington State Mr. Leather 2017 and placed in the top 20 in the International Mr. Leather 2018. As a community leader, Travis has helped run events at the Center for Sex Positive Culture--including Paradise Unbound, The Men’s Party, and orientation for new members. Furthermore, He is the second in charge of security for the International Ms. Leather and Boot Black weekend. He founded Leather Azimuth in 2013 and is currently sits on the board as the Communications Director. He is a former board member of Seattle Men in Leather. Currently, Travis travels the country teaching a variety of BDSM/Relationship classes. He is residing in Sagle Idaho and spends a large amount of time in Washington State. 




 Sir Fluffy is based out of Boise, Idaho and has been a practitioner of the BDSM lifestyle for over twenty years. During this time, he has evolved into an educator, mentor, and dominant. He was a co-founder of the House of Alternative Collective, a leather and education based house. He is also the founder and president of the Idaho Center for Sex Positive Culture, a non profit that focuses on sex positivity in all it’s forms. He currently runs an ongoing monthly class called “Kinky Classroom” that focuses on techniques in regards to BDSM skill-sets, and lifestyle philosophies. His classes are made to be entertaining, thought provoking, and hands-on.
Sir Fluffy is the owner of Fluffy Toys, where he manufactures and sells impact toys. You can find his stuff at 



kikiTHEpuck has been involved in BDSM for over a decade and out publicly for over five years. Once an active member and volunteer of The Center for Sex Positive Culture kikiTHEpuck now runs a FemDom lifestyle group called Diadem-Events, is a member of The Gathering NW board and a volunteer with Kinkfest in Portland.  They have taught at Flog'Em All, The Gathering NW and the BDSM Writers Con in Seattle. They are an active sex positive & body positive burlesque performer/producer in Seattle. They calls themselves a Sensual Sadomasochistic Service Switch. This PTA nerdy mom enjoys wandering Bed, Bath & Beyond for new toys for both in and out of the kitchen. 

Duchess of Waffle


A queer leather Woman who expresses Sadism with sparkle and glee. She Enjoys spending her time as master to her masochist creature, relonor.. a Northwest native based in Spokane WA who is a founding member of the House of Waffle, a low protocol leather house that provides educational classes as well.. She loves glitter but do not be fooled, being sadistic comes naturally. She plays on the edge engaging in blood, needles, knives, scalpels, boots, cigars, and anything her creativity brings to light. Her experiences include presenting throughout the northwest, being staff at events, being a local event producer and advocating healthy positive scene experiences.


Tempo Top


Tempo (He/Him) is a Traveling Top who has visited different communities and different countries to learn from the resident experts and masters of different journeys of kink.  He takes what he learns to bring back to his present home in Boise, ID.  He primarily seeks out rope instructors to help guide him on his quest for rope mastery. True to his name, much of his play involves weaving music into his scenes. 

Whether it be occupational- or kink-related, his true calling is teaching.  Outside the kink community, Tempo teaches for a regionally accredited college. Inside the community, he is often found serving whatever community he finds himself in as an instructor, a volunteer, a dungeon monitor, medical staff, or consent incident responder.





Master of the House of Wolf

Currently located in Sagle Idaho 

Began training and education as an apprentice in the house of Raven in 1979

Was awarded the title of Master by the house in 1984.

Held the positions of security operations chief and professional sadist during my tenure with the house

Specialized in intense hard impact and bastinado. (foot torture)

Current group owner of Sandpoint social on Fet.

“Honor grace dignity civility”

“this is the foundation of a Master”

-Master Raven.

I endeavor to live my life by these words and I am passionate about sharing my thoughts and experience with any and all that want to listen and learn.

In this ever changing world of kink or BDSM I firmly believe that passing on the history and knowledge of the past can only help to insure the quality of its future. 

Master Alpha

Master of the house of wolf

Legacy of the house of Raven


Horrible Habit

Hi, I am new-ish to the community but have seen weird kinky shit over many years, all over the world.  I have learned about caning from some truly fine individuals from here to Seattle  and also Portland and other places.

I am  no expert, but I am willing to share what I have picked up over the last few years . I am into purely sensuous caning. Maybe you are too?  See you at the Flog'em All.