From out of the North comes...


Polar and nephesh!

-They return-


In 2019 to teach, instruct and to have a great time with the Flog'em All tribe down here in SW Idaho!



And up from the Great South West...



 Ninjet Kitty has been an enthusiastic member of the Leather community for many years. In that time she has volunteered at various events and used her skills as a pole dancer to raise money for countless fundraisers. Early in 2016 she started Twizted Wax Works and began producing wax play candles in a variety of intensities, she applies her familiarity with wax play to teach popular hands on as well as purely informational classes. She can also be seen presenting an energetic lap dance class that focuses on bolstering the confidence of attendees and encouraging sexuality through dance and motion. as well as a class on saying No with confidence. In 2016\17 Ninjet Kitty served as Ms. Corazon Leather, during her title year she traveled the country promoting New Mexico events and the Corazon title while learning all she could to further benefit her home community. She continues her work in the Leather community having served as the Secretary for the New Mexico Leather League. Most recently Ninjet has relocated to northern Idaho where she is looking forward to continuing her Leather journey.  When she is not attending and organizing community events you can find Ninjet training on her pole and working in the garage on one of her many projects. 



If you have knowledge and skills you would like to share with our community, please contact Brat2387 at - and let me know what you have in mind. We are beginning to get things started for the 

2019 Flog'em All. 2019 will be our 3rd year and we are excited!