~new in 2019~


A Pole

Friday Grazing!


A grazing table for after set up, we know you are going to be tired after setting up your camps. Enjoy some food and meet and greet with other campers.

Preserve your Flog'em All Memories!


Faye's Photography!

This year we have the honor and privilege of having our own Photographer! Faye has been doing a beautiful job of capturing the most beautiful  and stunning photos!  I invited her to be our "official" event photographer. Have you and your loved ones captured for eternity with Faye's skilled photographing.  The cost is beyond reasonable! Note her pricing below:

In her own words...

" Hi my name is Faye. As you can see I am a photographer among other labels. I have experience doing personal and group portraits, weddings, athletic events, boudoir, and promotional photography. I am currently a photographer for an event and wedding planning company based in Boise Idaho.

I will be offering the following packages during the 2019 Flog 'em All:

6 poses delivered digitally $40 (cash only)
6 poses delivered on CD by mail $50 (cash only)

Any future bookings done at the FeA will also be the same prices for a one hour session and six poses. I will travel to the location of your choosing within the Ada, Canyon, and Gem counties.

Feel free to contact me with any questions on Fet under -Faye or by e-mail at andreafayephotog@gmail.com. "

Note the photos below


Cigar Lounge

Presented by the House of Townsend

 What IS a cigar lounge anyway?  

Some would say it's a room full of stuffy old men, sitting in big oversized leather chairs, puffing on their very expensive cigars and drinking brandy.  That is NOT what a H.O.T. cigar lounge looks like!

There are cigars and there might even be brandy and even an old man or two, but there is nothing stuffy about our cigar lounge!  Domina Salacious and aidenDS got their first taste of a cigar lounge at a very special place--the Voo!  We have modeled our cigar lounge after that and it is a down and dirty, raw, rough, leather place to relax with a good cigar, a drink, and maybe partake in some really fucked up shit!  We'd love it if you joined us for some great fun and hard, edgy play! 

Domina Salacious and aidenDS

Own and run the House of Townsend  in Montana, and have graciously volunteered to  host our first ever, Voo Styled Cigar Lounge. If you have never attended the Voo, you will be in for a big surprise! This cigar lounge is not for the faint of heart.