Camping Info for the Flog'em All


Goal -


With the goal of everyone having a fantastic time at this outdoor camping event, here is a  recap of some things you may want to keep in mind for this event as well as a list of items you will want to pack.

● This is a primitive camping site. There is no electricity, running water, cell service on site nor a store just down the road. If you want it, you will need to supply it.

● There will be a generator on site used to power some lighting for at night as well as some safety items but it is not available for general camper use.

● The grounds have had minor improvements, but it is recommended that you wear shoes at all times, since the surface is rough and there are goat head burrs around. 

● There will be two community campfire areas but individual campfires will not be allowed at individual campsites for safety reasons. Fire pits will be designated smoking areas.

Tips on what to bring;


● Tent

● Sleeping bag/blanket & pillow

● Air mattress/ cot

● Wash cloth, beach/ bath towel

● Camp light, headlamp, flashlight with extra batteries

● Chairs

● Small Camp stove

● Dishes (for eating - cup/plate/bowl/silverware and for cooking - pots/pans/utensil) 

● Trash bags (please plan on packing out your trash)

● Food - meals & snacks

○ Friday - Lunch & Dinner

○ Saturday - Breakfast & Lunch 

○ Saturday night - Side Dish for potluck Dinner

○ Sunday - Lunch

○ All your drinking needs - water, soda, alcohol etc.

○ Ice for your food coolers

Personal Items

○ Sunscreen, Bug spray

○ Personal Hygiene Toiletries, Wet wipes

○ Medications - Prescriptions, over the counter allergy and pain medication

○ Dress in layers for cool mornings/nights and warm days

○ Fetish wear

○ Toys

○ Money for vendors - it will be cash only as cell service is spotty to non-existent